What our clients have to say...

I wouldn’t have made it through my badly broken arm without you!  Acupuncture really helped me!  You are so funny, nice and have such a caring heart!  Thank you!!

- A.lexander

My children have been seeing Corinne for more than a year regarding allergies and I am grateful for the positive outcomes and perspective she has brought to our wellness journey. She is full of love and light and approaches every question and symptom with kindness and a desire to unlock a solution. My children look forward to seeing her and enjoy her kind, loving approach. I am so grateful that we found Corinne, she is a tremendous resource and an invaluable member of our wellness team.

- K.elly, mama

Corinne has been a true blessing to our family.  We found her when our youngest daughter was at a low point struggling at school, suffering from anxiety, and feeling misunderstood and often hurt.  Corinne has always been a beacon of love, and her office is a safe space where our daughter feels empowered and accepted.  Corinne is gentle, loving, extremely knowledgable, grounded, and playful.  She is dedicated to helping children heal and thrive and always meets our daughter where she is.  Of all the modalities we have tried, and there have been many, we have experienced the most success, by far, with Corinne.  Our older daughter is now a client as well.  We are so grateful to have Corinne in our lives.

- Kelli, mama

Corinne was incredibly helpful for our son's stomach and headache condition and for our family. She is engaging, effective and superb with children. Her enthusiasm is inspiring. We are grateful for her care. I recommend her without reservation.

                           - K.irsten, mama

I brought my daughter to Corinne when she was 8 months old.  After an extremely premature birth, heart surgery, and an undiagnosed food allergy, she had developed an aversion to eating, a reluctance to move freely, and significant body tension.  We were amazed when our sweet girl started crawling and exploring after only a couple of sessions with Corinne.  She soon after stopped vomiting and began eating with more ease.  The very obvious tension in her shoulders relaxed, and she began sleeping through the night!  Corinne's expertise, gentle touch, and deep compassion were the much needed, missing piece for our family, and we feel so grateful to have found her.  In fact, we now bring both our kids to her monthly clinic just continue reaping all the positive benefits of acupuncture and her skilled care!

                                                                                    - Jane, mama