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We use only organic cotton sheets, blankets, and face rest covers in our treatment rooms



The insertion of very thin needles to promote nutrient blood flow, improve the body's immune function, and calm the nervous system.

Small green-handled acupuncture needle in a kid's foot
Acupuncturist and girl holding a shonishin kit together


A non-invasive type of acupressure that uses small tools to stimulate immune function, improve circulation, and help the body feel calm. Portland Pediatric Acupuncture offers shonishin as a gentle alternative to using needles during treatment.

QST Massage

A research-based massage protocol specifically offered for children on the autism spectrum. This massage helps to restore normal touch sensation, so that children can better integrate sensory information. Portland Pediatric Acupuncture provides training for parents so that they can do the massage at home, with weekly child massage and parental support from Corinne. Learn more about QST here:

Mom placing hand on small child's stomach
Chinese herbal tinctures for kids in wooden house

Herbal Medicine

Using nature's bounty to heal disease. Portland Pediatric Acupuncture prescribes herbal medicine when appropriate as an adjunct to in-office treatments. Herbs can be prescribed in the form of a tasty glycerin tincture or as an herbal tea. 

Price variable based on formula


A modality that helps relieve muscle tension, ease coughs, and stimulate digestion. Portland Pediatric Acupuncture uses cupping as an additional treatment to acupuncture or shonishin.

Included as part of treatment when appropriate

Kid playing with cups used in acupuncture treatment
Girl holding tiger warmer with moxa


An herb, mugwort, is burned in order to improve immunity, boost the digestive process, and warm the body. Portland Pediatric Acupuncture uses moxibustion (or "moxa") in the safest form for children by encapsulating the herb inside of a stainless steel cylinder for easy application.

Included as part of treatment when appropriate

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